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Hi Kitty lovers,

As I have scooped cat litter nearly everyday for almost ten years, I have seen many changes in litter products and in how cats react to them. One of the biggest changes is the move to non clay litters made from natural materials such as; corn, wheat, other grasses, pine, walnut and paper.

Each have their own characteristics but I have noticed one big plus when moving away from clay is that it is often beneficial to cats that have a tendency toward chronic runny nose and phlegmy sneezing. I have seen these issues go away once the litter was changed to a plant based low dust litter such as World’s Best, corn based or Smart Scoop, grass based.

A funny note about Swheat Scoop, a wheat based litter. My own kitty is diabetic and she was starting to have some issues with runny nose and phlegmy sneezing so I decided to change her litter. First, I tried Swheat Scoop and it seemed to be fine with her. But shortly after the change I noticed her standing with her head and front feet in the box and her hind legs out (not the position one really wants their cat in when using the litter box 😉 ). I watched and she was just standing there for minutes. Finally I lifted the lid and found she was eating the Swheat Scoop litter! I can only figure that it is the sugar in wheat that was attracting her as she is diabetic. When I changed to Smart Scoop, a non wheat grass based litter, she had no interest and the sneezing and runny nose stopped as well.

Two other litters I wanted to mention, Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract and PrettyLitter.

Dr. Elsey’s is a clay litter but if your cat is having issues peeing outside the box you may want to give this litter a try as it has helped bring some kitties back to their boxes. Also on that note, cats have a much stronger sense of smell than we do and heavily scented litters can be unattractive to cats. A none scented litter is usually more attractive to cats.

The other litter I wanted to mention is one I have just noticed, PrettyLitter. This is a non clumping litter that indicates the PH level of your cats urine. If your cat is possibly in the process of developing a Urinary Tract Infection or crystals this litter turns blue, indicating an alkaline PH. Yellow indicates an acidic PH and red indicates blood. This litter could be helpful in heading off issues where PH levels could be an indicator. There may be other brands similar to PrettyLitter but PrettyLitter is the one that I have seen in use.

I hope these thoughts from my experiences with cat litters are of help.

Linda =^..^=

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