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Kitty Sitter, Linda Neubauer

Cats have been a part of my life since I was a teenager when I was allowed to have a stray kitty that decided our house seemed like home. One kitty quickly turned into five when shortly ‘Kitty’ brought four kittens into the world. In time Kitty and Fluff remained as we found homes for each of the others. As the years passed Bunny, Scamp, Button and another ‘Kitty’ all took their place as part of the family.Kitty and Me

They lived their lives happily and lovingly through many years of my life’s events; leaving home, a BA from college, moving to the east coast, most of my 18 year marriage and the transformations of a career. They were there as friends and family. Over the years we gave to each other and I learned much about the care and health concerns of cats.

My original stray ‘Kitty’ lived 23 years and my second ‘Kitty’ who found me because she was sick, was my last. Four months after her passing, I found I too had a health issue. A new life event and time to make changes, focus on what is healing. Again cats came into my life. What would I like to do, what would nurture me? Kitties had always been a constant loving part of my life and since I had no cats of my own to love and spend time with I decided to start kitty and house sitting. That was almost three years ago. I now have many kitties I love and who also love and nurture me: Gracie, Jakey, Dolly, Rudy, Pesto, Mouse, Sophia, Dexter, Opie, Six, Josie, Gizmo, Slate, Molly and another ‘Kitty’ are all part of my family now.

I keep life simple and have also started an online business with my brother that I find complements my kitty sitting and helps to maintain a peaceful life.

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