Questions and Answers

Do you come to my house or does my kitty go to your house?

  • I come to your home. Your kitty remains in the comfort and safety of their own home. I try to match their normal routines and do whatever necessary to keep them happy and stress-free.

What area of town do you service?

  • Areas of service: the inner SW hills, Multnomah, Mountain Park, Burlingame, John’s Landing, Sellwood, Hillsdale, Bridlemile, Raleigh Hills, Lake Oswego, South Waterfront, with some additional service to Eastmoreland, Buckman, Irvington, inner NW hills as well as other areas. Rates may vary depending on the distance to your location.

How long is each visit?

  • The average kitty sitting visit is thirty minutes to an hour. But if you have WiFi I often spend extra time working on my computer and spending time with the kitties.

How do you handle the key?

I will pick up your key at our initial consolation and the first key return is complementary. There after I have a number of options. I do not leave keys inside your home on my final visit as they are not accessible if complications arise in your travel plans.

  • Most clients leave a key on file. This allows for convenient appointments. Just email to confirm dates and any changes to your kitties routine.
  • A lock box similar to what realtors use is another option. I will pick up the key on my first visit and leave it in the lock box again on my last visit. Lock boxes can be purchased for a reasonable price on Amazon.
  • You may also leave a self addressed fully stamped padded envelop and I will put your key in the mail.
  • Initial key pick up and return is complementary; $10 per pick up or return there after.

Will you be contacting me just to let me know everything is going smoothly while I am on vacation?

  • Yes, I am happy to send you email updates if you would like while you are away. I understand you may want to know how your little ones are doing and I am happy to provide you with that extra level of service and peace of mind.

What if my kitty becomes ill or injured while I am away?

  • I will contact and take your kitty to your preferred veterinarian or emergency facility depending on the hour. If your kitty requires medical care, I will contact you as soon as possible and keep you informed throughout their treatment. Though emergencies are a rare occurrence it is important to be prepared in the event something does occur. As people are often away on holidays, weekends and overnights all times when your vet is typically closed I will have to take your kitty to one of the local emergency clinics. I will talk with you about this at the time we meet as well as arrangements for payment and the paperwork for the emergency clinic in the rare event that something does occur. If a situation does arise I will contact your vet or an emergency facility and act in the manor that they deem necessary for your kitty’s health, safety or survival.

How and when do I pay you?

  • For an initial service I request a deposit of half down at the time of booking and the other half at the time of my first visit. After we have worked with each other for a while I request payment in full at the beginning of the kitty sitting. Cash or check please.

What if I have additional questions?

  • Feel free to contact me by phone or email.
    Visit our Contact Page for more information.


“Thank you again Linda for taking such good care of Pats and Eddie. I will pass your name on to friends in need of Five Star Kitty Care.” ScottHappy Kitty

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